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Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Outsourcing Ignorance"

Here's a good summary of why we are where we are. Leave it to a Guardian writer to spell it out:

Food for thought for a Sunday morning. I've got a tree to trim. And The Hobbit to listen to (thanks Paul!). Then holiday cards. Then Greg Lake's live webchat. Tough day. :D  I'll be back at coffee breaks.

Oh, if you want to join in Greg's live chat:
it's a 4 p.m. EST. Register ahead of time via the site..


Anonymous said...

Just pulling my head out of the sand long enough to tell you to keep your eye on the mail this week. I sent off three things on the 2nd and two of them have been received, one (according to Canada Post tracking) is in the correct area. Now these were all Canadian postings. If they made it to their intended destinations in one week yours should easily make it in two weeks.
Back to your posting....have you ever wondered why it's called "trimming the tree"? Set that tree up Ethel and I'll give it a short back and sides. (sorry, no coffee yet this morning)

Austan said...

Will do! Thanks girl!

Why is it called trimming the tree? hmmmm... Anything else, trimming means taking off, not putting on.