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Friday, December 23, 2011

A Beestly Holiday

The Beest is having a very good time. My friends Paul, Lise and Grotke came by yesterday and she was too happy to get full attention from someone other than me. Last night, to celebrate Yule she had a can of white tuna for dinner. It settled very well with her and she has been her most charming self since.

My Neighbor stopped by bringing me watermelon today. The one thing she knows about me is that I love watermelon. And while we stood (well, I sat) there blabbing, The Beest ran over to her side and went on an investigation. Neighbor took it in stride, fine by her. When she wanted to go lie down, I kissed for The Beest, she came running and made for our side like an obedient child. A very good visit altogether. I'm bringing the Neighbor lasagna tomorow night.

Then her new human assistant, Lise, knitted and brought over a catnip-filled mouse. She has been beating the hell out of it, only taking a break for dinner. Ten minutes ago she hopped up on the sofa and is now snoring. Such is the life of a stoner.

It's not over for her, either. Though she found and broke into the little "stocking" of cat toys she didn't get them all out. She'll get those Christmas morning. I'll be tripping over and kicking plastic balls that jingle and small stuffed things from here on. No matter, she's a happy cat. They don't just fill your heart; they take up a lot of floor space.


mybabyjohn/Delores said...

and couch space and bed space. They are such wonderful companions.

Austan said...

She didn't want to move this morning. I had to scramble around her to get out of bed! Life before her is starting to fade away...

paulg said...

"They don't just fill your heart; they take up a lot of floor space."
Ain't that the truth.
The Beest is a great beast and a very good cat. I'm happy for you to have her as a companion.

Austan said...

aw, thanks Paul. She took a shine to you, and thanks for the kitty provisions! :)

Allyson said...


love you mama.

Happy Christmas!

Austan said...

Happy Christmas my darling daughter!