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Friday, December 9, 2011

You Can Run...

Nothing lasts forever, and so I couldn't stay away from the news indefinitely. Though I gotta say, it was good to take a break and I'll use that tack again when things are just too too. Today I'm going to focus on secondary stories, cuz I'm sure everyone has seen the big stuff:

Corzine can't find over a billion dollars:

NASA can't find moon rocks:

Mexican drug dealers get their weapons from US gun dealers:

Gingrich's sister backs Obama:

OWS takes on tv's SVU:

Unemployment claims drop, but we know that doesn't mean things are better:

Fracking contaminates water:

Rick Perry is desperate, and maybe nuts:

RIP Colonel Potter:

And here are suggestions for holiday movies still unmade:

On a very local note, the Overflow Shelter at the Baptist church on Main St. needs volunteers. Even if you can give just one shift, you'll be helping out a lot of people. There are a record number of those needing shelter and not enough volunteers to go around. Please help if you can.


Anonymous said...

They keep telling us in Guelph that we have the lowest unemployment rates anywhere. Tell that good news to someone who has to hold two or three jobs at minimum wage in order to survive.

Austan said...

What burns my biscuits is that when you aren't eligible for UI anymore you're not part of the stats, so it's a totally irrelevant marker.