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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mail Call, Hairball, Presents Pile Tall

With enough caffeine, anything is possible. Today seems to be Perpetual Motion Day. It's good to sit for a bit.

The craft package Lawless offered at
arrived today and has much more in it than I thought- Lila may be able to make something for all her grandparents as well as for Mommy! Thanks, Lawless!

Some stocking stuffers got here too so Project Xmas is well underway. I still haven't done my cards. That's on today's list.

The Beest had a huge hairball fit this morning. I've never seen a cat get so fully involved in gakking as Hildie does. She puts her all into it, a full body effort. She's fine now.

I got a bunch of little things for people. 20 or so little things pile up and I'm in a wrapping production line here. I don't think there's much outside of nature that's as pretty as a tree with presents under it. There are still a couple of gifts to get. 11 days left to pull it together! 

Have to say, Amazon has been a godsend this year. Not one problem, everything arrived in perfect shape, and fairly quickly. I just have to keep in mind that objects on a website may appear larger than they really are.

Okay, can't sit on my butt all day. Back to work.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any vaseline on hand? Put a dab on her nose every morning and let her lick it off. Helps to combat hairball (or at least makes it easier to get them up) The vet also sells a tube of stuff you do the same thing with.

Austan said...

Thanks for the tip, I never thought of that!

Allyson said...

hahaha. i know just what you mean with the full catbody involvement. never seen any cat ever do what she does. it's an event. you can't look away.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

Be carefull!

Don't wrap up the excreted hairball as a present and send it to someone you love by mistake.

On the other hand, DO wrap it up and send it to someone you don't like. Tell them it's a new concept in Feline Keratin Recycling crafts. It's a ball of fun.

Austan said...

Al- it's a phenomenon. and you have to watch!

TSB- let's see... where did I put Boehner's address?...

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Your cat must be better behaved than ours. I wouldn't dare leave wrapped presents under the tree. They're currently closed into one of the bedrooms. Supposedly. When I got up yesterday, that bedroom door was ajar, and every single bow had been ripped off every single package. And every one of them had been nibbled on, as though Dot was sampling a smorgasbord. (I know it was Dot, because Dash was with me all night.)So, what to do? I taped those suckers right back on. Adds character, right?