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Friday, December 2, 2011

And We're Back

For whatever unknown reason, I couldn't login to Blogger since last evening. Which meant I couldn't publish comments, reply or post. Somehow this seems to have rectified. I dunno. I don't trust it. But lacking blog access I spent last night going over the gift list and ordering much of what I'll be giving this year. Except for the foods, those will be made later in the month. Good deals, too. This may be the record year for buying the most good gifts (I shopped for 12 people) on the least amount of money (160 bucks- shipping included) in one go! Of course that doesn't include the shopping I already did or the foods I'll be making, but with the long list of folks (3 more besides the other 12), I consider getting a whole Christmas done on less than 300 dollars a big feat. 

The ground is white with frost today. It says 26F on the outdoor thermometer but the forecast says we'll be in the 40s-50s over the weekend and into next week. The chance of it being a white Christmas looks thin right now.

Yesterday was a mostly hack around day. Today will be busy. I'm getting antsy to get the tree done but some other things need doing first and that's today's quest. I'd really love to do almost nothing today because my right arm is being impossible. Seems okay on the outside but put a weight in my hand and it becomes Gumby arm, all rubbery and useless. Really annoying. It's a bizarre thing to look at your arm, will it to move a way as it has all your life, and watch it not do what you're thinking.

Well, sitting here isn't getting anything done at all, is it? Off I go. Catch you later.


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Good deal on the good deals!

Anonymous said...

Good shopping for someone with big feet (oh said big FEAT..sorry my mistake). Sounds to me like you are more organized than a lot of us at this point. Just take it easy. No one wants to hear that you've overdone it and done yourself harm. Hey...maybe you could have a "decorate for Christmas" party and let everyone else do it for you????