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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Cat is At Home

Hildie is quite adapted. She is jumping up to drink at the bathroom sink. She hissed at me tonight for scratching her butt one scratch too many. I hissed back at her and she took off.

And she walked across my keyboard twice and now my email page is stuck in a blown up state with no browser, tool bar, foot or tabs. I don't know what she stepped on and I'm not that computer literate.

I have a cat. And I'm going to bed. Maybe this will fix itself by morning. If not I'll have to push everything back and find out how to fix it. She's a Beest. And I'm sure it's because I hissed back at her.


Rory Grant said...

LOL Laura - My Kittens did the same thing to me - disappearing tool bars and the main body of text filling the whole screen - F11 did the trick :)


Anonymous said...

You may find your tool bar under "view" up at the top.
Good work Hildie, keep her jumping.

paulg said...

I've been lucky. Friskey walks on this keyboard all the time and hasn't blown anything up yet.

A few years ago the hard drive of a previous computer fried and Dell paid a guy to come install the new one they sent. After he left there was still work to do.
I called the service # and got a man with an accent from Dehli or Mumbai or it could have been Saigon for all I know.
But he knew his shit.
He told me to push certain keys and in certain sequences I'd never have hit on in a million years. Screens came up I never knew were there and will likely never see again.

With all that in mind, I may never allow our fuzzhead to walk the keyboard again.

Austan said...

Rory- well it's fixed itself. But I'll remember F11! Thanks!

Lawless- thanks, I'll remember that.
Don't encourage her. :)

Paul- I'm always amazed at how much there is to a computer. I know nothing. Except she's not doing it again. I hope.