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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Alex Owns It, or Should Anyway

Ah, he's the best Tzigane I've ever known (broken toenails aren't everything, Herman). And I'm delighted to know there are only a handful of peep who'll get that reference. So many have died, which isn't a source of delight. What they knew is valuable now.

Thank you for opening my eyes, Alex Gyori. For stripping away the illusion that co-operatives in the USA were better than corporate Waldemorts. Now, long after you hired the union-buster-bragging-specialty law firm (who sponsors "Public TV"- Downs, Racklin, Martin), and then years later Richard lost his grip and killed your appointed henchman, well, I see clearly. I think a lot of people do. But it's too painful to talk about.

Happy New Year, Alex. Hope you can sleep. Hope someday you join us. It'd be great to have your brain on our side. I've known you 17 years. Ya can't be happy being you. And I have no designs on you; you're no Ian and your 'charms" don't impress me. But I'm willing to tell you where you went wrong  We're very different, but that's an opportunity. I really just don't want to have to believe you're evil and hate you. I always want to like smart people because I flatter myself thinking I have a differently perceived understanding of things. And if we have some non-stressful interaction we'll always connect on human levels.You're intelligent, but the kind of public character that always pissed me off; the savvy-manipulator-survivor-martyr-charming to a lot of women but not me- with a guilty conscience type. You've seen more than enough to know pain. There's still time to change the road you're on.

you can evolve to

Everything is a choice.

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mybabyjohn/Delores said...

Laura you are good for my mind. I am not a political person and as always you send me scrambling for google to read and learn.
Tzigane...gypsy, roman
Alex Gyoria Co-op food tycoon