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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Here Comes Santa Claus

Things are underway. As of this morning everything I ordered (not all that much, really) is in the mail on its way here. Heifers International and the ASPCA were contributed to, I'm juggling to afford a contribution to the Paralyzed Veterans (for my SIL Carolyn's present, she's an Air Force vet and a big American Legion volunteer), then I have to arrange the donation and delivery of fruit to the VA Hospital here, and it'll all be over but the wrapping, mailing and cooking. It's all good.

Today the tree will get its final fluffing (I'm using that from now on, Lawless- lol) and tomorrow Phoe will be here so we'll haul out the holly and dress it up. It may take a while, but it gets done.

And hooray I have an aide who's all charged up and already out the door with the errand list. I love it when things get done!

Now if the rain would just go away and turn to snow...


Anonymous said...

Glad everythings on track, especially the tree fluffing.
Why the heck is everyone so hipped on snow???????

Austan said...

Well, we've all had enough of rain, methinks. And Christmas should have snow. White Christmas, not gray dreariness! :)