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Monday, December 19, 2011

Mixed Bag on Monday

Once again I take a couple days off from the news and everything happens. Boy oh boy does everything happen.

Sometimes a cop is your best friend

Oh, Egypt...

Out of Iraq and back to Kuwait

Space beauty

Kim Jong-il dies

Desmond Tutu speaks up

Big Brothers make a Big Difference (Big Sisters too)

Killer tap water

What Would Jobs Do?

Morgan will have to testify about NoW

There's much more, but personally I think that's more than enough for a Monday morning.


paulg said...

We had that happen here back in the 90's in the median of I91 between exits 1 and 2.
Truck (might even have been a loaded log truck - not sure)landed on top of a small car pinning a woman inside and a fire & rescue guy got down in the snow under all that to hold her hand till her car was freed.


Started with a bang (or two) and ended with a whimper (at least it did end - unlike Korea...).
I'm fairly downbeat about the end of the Iraq war.
It opens the way for forgetting (in the 2012 prez election and maybe opens the way for the Jebster)the lies that lead us in, the torture, the stop loss that exhausted and over extended our troops and the incredible human and economic cost of that military boondoggle.

Anonymous said...

Death by neti pot....who knew.
I was glad to see the soldiers pulling out....hopefull some of them will be with their families for begins the task of rebuilding THEIR lives.

Austan said...

I seem to remember that, Paul. I don't remember if it was a statie or a townie that stayed with her.

At least Obama can say he carried out one campaign promise!

Austan said...

Lawless! Who'd ever put tap water in a neti pot? Even my grandmother used boiled water! And yeah, I'm glad they're out but they aren't home yet. When everybody's home I'll celebrate! We still have people in Afghanistan, Kuwait and really everywhere else in the middle east.