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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hildie's Busy Day

Get up with new human
Jump off bed and stand in front of walker til she yells or bumps me
Jump up on bathroom sink and demand running water
Follow her to kitchen, run between her legs
Use litter box
Walk across desk as she's doing something
Sit in window and have minifits for a while
Demand scratching of head and butt
Walk across desk, stand in front of big glowing thing, jump down and go nap on sofa
Wake up when she gets up from desk
Follow her to bathroom and demand running water
Go to bedroom, nap lightly
Hear noise in kitchen so go look
Scratch around in litter box
Wait for prime moment to jump on her at worst time
Walk away indignantly after being pushed off
Doze on table in window, check out neighbors, tap tail
Follow her to bathroom and demand running water
Race her to desk and sit on leaf in window next to her
Stand up and shove butt in her face
Walk over keyboard
Act scared when she yells, jump down but stay right next to desk
Clean self, give her dirty looks
Use litter box
Go back to bed
Wake up when dark outside
Find her in bathroom, demand running water
Go to food dishes
Stare alternately at her and where dish of good food should be
Make noises until can is opened, food is mashed and my face is in dish
Eat as much of entire can as possible
Use litter box
Clean face
Jump across her lap to desk leaf, use back claws to launch
Ignore her cursing and look out window
Demand head and butt scratching
Hop across desk quickly making sure to hit many keys
Nap on sofa
Stretch and twist body, look at her upside down
Go use litter box
Follow her to bathroom and demand running water
Use litter box
Sit on table in window
Sink down and lay there
Go back to sofa for more comfort
Wake up sometime later
Follow her to bathroom and demand running water
Begin new clawing project or work on same one
Stare at her
Follow her to bed
Walk across her a few times
Knead something
Go to sleep
Snore like a Stooge


Anonymous said...

Sounds like my kind of day. more like my husbands kind of day.
Stretch, go back to sleep, stretch, go back to sleep, yawn, stretch, fart, burp, ask what's for breakfast...... see what I mean? At least he doesn't want to drink from the tap. At least, not when I'm looking anyway.
Seems like Hildie has found her niche.

CarrieBoo said...

This is soooo funny. Oh my goodness. My cat always tips over cups of water to get a drink. Cats are so cheeky!

Austan said...

Yes, and just coming in the door a while ago I see she's taken several nametags off the presents under the tree. Joy.

Anonymous said...

We must introduce Hildie to Pearls Liza Bean Bitey and Dolly Gee Squeakers. Does Hildie play an instrument? (besides that last nerve I mean)

Austan said...

Hildie plays the drums. And a little keyboard. Yes, but I fear what will come of getting these cats together. They may join Al- Kitta.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Sounds to me like you're awfully happy to have her with you again. Entertaining, aren't they?

Austan said...

Yeah, Susan, I really am. It's like I've always had her. :D

paulg said...

I enjoyed "Hildie's Busy Day"...


When the party gets dull it's their job & birthright to stir things up...
and don't forget going crazy at the full moon!

Austan said...

I got her on the full moon! She's a cat. Sometimes hemorrhoid, sometimes clown, always Tortitudinal and adorable and disarming.

Lisa said...

Watch her like a fox if you have tinsel of any kind on the tree. That's why we've stopped putting one up. And, the fact that they slept in it and broke so many branches....

Cats are a joy and nuisance all rolled up in one. You wanna kick them across the room in one minute and curl up with them the next.

Austan said...

Yeah, I stopped using tinsel after my dog Blackie made sparkly turds way back. The Beest doesn't seem to care about the tree at all. The presents are another story...