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Monday, December 26, 2011


I got a cryptic phone message just now as I sat here with a cuppa recuperating:
"Check your email!" a low voice said. Nothing else

I checked my email.
It said,
"Dear Mama:

Happy Christmas and Birthday!! Love you

Your Ally"
It had an attachment:
We're going to see Greg.
And now, I cry.
I have the best daughter in the world.


Allyson said...

someone should stop in and check on Ms. Austan this afternoon to make sure she hasn't dervished herself into the the stratosphere..


cause, you know, we've got a show to go to.

Austan said...


*still spinning*

mybabyjohn/Delores said...

What was the attachment???? It didn't show up on your post. I'm guessing it was tickets?????
Hey...can your raddled old body stand all this excitement? Remember girl....upper thigh.

Austan said...

Crap! It's the Ridgefield Playhouse logo. That excirewment ran through me like electricity and I'm absolutely pooped now. It's gonna be on my chest, above the heart tattoo!

Allyson said...

unless she passes out cold... and then, upper thigh!!!

that should keep her lucid.

Austan said...

oh nice, everyone gang up on the gimp! ;)

mybabyjohn/Delores said...

You're not the only one gimpy today...I can barely move my legs..yikes!!

Austan said...

Oh jeez, Lawless! Take it slow and easy!