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Saturday, December 31, 2011

To My Country's Government on New Year, 2012

I'm a radical Lefty. I want the basic needs of our citizens to not be a nightmare to obtain. I want us all to have prosperity, not just the rich. I want our Freedoms to be secure and forever lasting. I want every child to have every freakin one of the opportunities possible, and good teachers to help them. We are the symbol, the measure of what people want everywhere and have been for ages. I cannot let, will not let, stupid and greedy people besmirch my country any longer. We are the 99% and we're better than our politicians. Our individual income levels don't matter, it's what's in our hearts that matters. And what's in our hearts is a call to help our fellow countryfolk. Drop the BS. We aren't stupid. Stop screwing us while we're willing to work it out. Or you'll have the passion of every Patriot and the compassion of every Liberal treading on you. We've elected you to help us, not yourself. There'll be no god nor devil to help you when the people unite.
I will ask you once again.

and we can't keep living this way:

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mybabyjohn/Delores said...

You should send this to the paper for their editorial page.