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Thursday, December 15, 2011

YouTubian Talents

In the vast world of YouTube are many talents. I've promoted Rachel Flowers several times because this blind high school girl is mindbogglingly talented.

And she's not alone. Below is a feast for the ears, talented musicians alone or in collaboration performing covers of wonderful music and playing and singing their hearts out:

all i want for christmas

crazy train

harvest moon
I hope to keep shining a light on the nonfamous "unknown" talents out there and will post when I find new ones. The music industry is only about packaging these days; we can find fantastic musicians on our own without being sold a bill of bads, thanks to such things as YouTube. Enjoy..


klahanie said...

"Just take a pebble and cast it to the sea,
Then watch the ripples that unfold into me,
My face spill so gently into your eyes,
Disturbing the waters of our lives."
My goodness, what a great piano rendition of that classic, timeless song by ELP.
I reckon you will be having your very own YouTube moment, Laura.

Aha, well I'm going off the rails like a crazy train :)

Take very good care of yourself Laura, keep smiling and stay positive.
In kindness, Gary

Anonymous said...

Lovely selections.

Austan said...

We ELP fans stick together. ;)

You're not alone!

You take good care too, Gary. We need hearts like yours out in the world.
All the best to you and yours,

Austan said...

Thanks Lawless. They're each too good to miss. Tim is a schoolteacher (Harvest Moon & Wondrous Stories). The little girl is 14 now. Rachel is establishing a career. She also plays the flute. There's amazing talent out there. Too bad the music industry stinks these days.

paulg said...

I'm curious: did you find Rachel Flowers on YouTube because she's amazing and by chance she's playing ELP tunes or did you find her because ELP?

She is amazing, btw.
I checked out her version of Hoedown too...

Austan said...

I was watching a PS 22 vid and she was in the sidebar. I can't remember which tune it was, but it was an ELP she'd done. And I was blown away.