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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Things I Love About My Daughter

1. She's not my birth daughter, but she's the daughter I asked Santa for a long time ago.

2. She loves me.

3. She is entirely her own person. She knows and is always looking to know herself better.

4. She'll tolerate my assholiness.

5. She knows I love her.

6. She is the most trustworthy person I know. Even if she thinks she's fucking up, she'll tell me, eventually, if it becomes a problem. There is nothing I hide from her, either. And I have a weirdass life. You'd be surprised at what she can take in stride. Hence, Strider.

7. We both know we're entirely in each other's corner. Which is the coolest thing in the world.

8. Anytime I think I'm cool, I only have to look at her to shut up. She is the Coolest Woman I've Ever Known. Up yours, Dos Equis old man.

9.  There is nothing, nothing I wouldn't do for her. The only other person in my whole life that I ever knew that about was my husband. I can leave things to her discretion because I trust her. If she'd brought me the pitchfork I'd never say she had and she knows that. But she didn't because she knew I'd use it.

10. She's beautiful inside and outside. If you can stand the honesty of her eyes you'd know.

11. I get to be Mama without the physical disruption. Though at this age it probably doesn't matter. I just wish someone made a boobholder that didn't kill your shoulders.

12. She's always inspiring. She's a force. Ya gotta know her. And I'm so very happy I got to.

13. She opens my rusty steel door of a mind. With music, with books, with movies, with her knowledge. She has a Big Brain. That's the biggest Santa wish part in a daughter. I can let her in with all good reason.

14. She is The Bravest Heart I know.

This is the 17th year I'm privileged to know "my little girl". We're going to have mindblowing times together. She jumped the gate to make sure one of my dreams comes true. We're gonna meet Greg together this year, just for a starter. I can't freakin wait to see what other dreams come true this New Year, and how much more I can bust with pride for her.

Happy New Year, Strider! Here's to 2012! Who knew we'd still be here!? I love you!


Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

My daughter is the real thing I miss since I left Scotland. I so wish she'd come out here and have a better life.

You're so lucky to have such a good relationship with yours.

Here's to a lovely and fulfulling 2012 for you both.

Austan said...

TSB- My Mom said if she could do it over she'd have had more girls. She had "3 birth boys, 1 adopted boy, several miscarriages and" me, is how she put it. If I could go through a catalog of daughters, I'd pick Strider. And if there's anyone in my life I wish she could've known, it's my Father. He died 16 years before I ever met her. They would've loved each other to tears. Sometimes there's a Father/Daughter connection that can't be beat. I'm glad you have that, and sad that you can't be together more. Life is very short.

mybabyjohn/Delores said...

I wondered where the "Strider" came from. What a lovely tribute to your daughter. She sounds like a wonderful young woman.

Allyson said...


Allyson said...

and happy new year to you to mama!! or, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, 2011!! (my preferred saying as of late) i love you too.

SarcasticTestGuy said...

Crazy little piece of useless info: You describe a relationship that the Sioux called "hunka-daughter", meaning "daughter by choice".

I didn't realize that you had adopted my wife!

Those of us who know and love those of them who are as you describe have been gifted.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful relationship. It takes a lot more than going through the throes of labor to create a true mother, and you've proven it. Happy New Year!