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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And The Answer is

From a comment on iBrattleboro:

"Barb did not answer whether the Town will appeal or not. She also
went on to explain that anyone can appeal this decision, not just the
Town. I bet this makes you feel much better. :("
There is also an argument that these homes are now unsafe because they flooded once.
By the logic this seems to be following, every home and building that flooded should be torn down. The Latchis Hotel and Theatre, most every building on Flat St., part of Williams St. For a once-in-a-hundred-year flood event.
No, there's something else. They want to be rid of subsidized housing. Especially one that's so nice. Remember what they did with all the land claimed by Katrina? Sold to rich developers and into gentrification. Landfilled and built on. Along the Whetstone is a nice place to live. When it's not flooding. But rich people would tame the wild water by throwing lots of money into it and make McMansions that would raise property values and pay big taxes to the listers office.
It's what they call a win-win situation. How nice. For them. To hell with all of us who've paid and paid for every damn thing we need and their mortgages. To hell with us who paid our bills on time and faithfully all of our lives. Who continue paying all these expenses just to have some kind of manageable life. To hell with us because they have a chance to make a buck.
This is why I never get books done. Real life is always a battlefield of bullshit slingers. If I didn't get into it I'd get buried in it.
On the other hand, I have a new appreciation for my townfolks. 99% of them are good hearted, kind and fair people. Most want to do well and the right thing, but sometimes that's not the same thing. And when power and money call, few ignore it. Priorities shift and justification sets in. And we are where we are.
So, no answer.


Anonymous said...

Oh Austan ... maybe for the sake of your nerves and some peace of mind (and because I know there's a book brewing insde you) you should look at leaving the area and finding yourself a little place close to Strider or even permanently move in with her if that is in the cards. Sometimes you just have to think of yourself first. I am so frustrated FOR you.

Austan said...

Lawless, if it wasn't wrong I'd gimp away. But what they're doing is wrong. I can't not fight. At least fight. If I lose I lose, but I can't not fight. There are people who seriously can't fight for themselves in this.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm in your corner. What was it an old boy friend said to me once? Oh yes, "behind you when you fight and ahead of you when you run." Most helpful I thought. Or my dads saying, "when the going gets tough, get out of town." Okay, I've got that out of my system now. Seriously, the folks there are lucky you are coming back to fight the good fight with them. I just wish the powers that be realize the stress and hardship they are putting innocent folk under.

Austan said...

I'm glad you're in my corner. I wish I could walk away. The thought of actually camping out, getting arrested, the whole thing, is not appealing to me. But if I have to, I have to. I know others who've done nobler things. One does what will allow themselves to sleep.

CarrieBoo said...

Oh Laura. That bloke from Texas seemed to be going on about not sending people back when it wasn't "safe", even though he was passing the buck... they ran with that angle then. Harp on about one thing to stick in people's brains and justify their decision to the masses.

I hope one day they end up on the street. Not sure how, but I hope they do.

And may the force be with you.

paulg said...

What the town government is doing here is very strange.
Chris Connelly made it clear that at the very least BHA was mislead by the town.
In the beginning - the first month to 6 weeks after Irene the attitude was "don't worry about permits; do what you need to do to reopen - we'll help".
That attitude changed abruptly in October. What I saw on display at the DRB meeting was one of open hostility toward Melrose. The zonies appeared to be looking for any legal way they could to close down as many of the buildings as possible.
At the start of the hearing I thought the DRB was pretty brusque toward the BHA, but as the clear hostility of Fisher (town lawyer) and Russell Rice, a zoning flunky came out, I thought the DRB mellowed a bit toward the BHA folks.
The impassioned pleas of various Melrose friends and residents helped too.