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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Full On Pissy

Warning: The following is a huge pissy fit.

Oh my god eveything hurts and all I got unpacked so far today is 4 boxes and 3 garbage bags of clothes, towels, sheets and various odd bits. I've been cursing like a longshoreman at inanimate objects while throwing things and stuffing them in uncooperative dressers and linen shelves and closets. Everything pisses me off because I drop so much, don't have much use of my right hand and have to sit through the whole thing. Which means making room for my walker to sit on it, which means making space before I can even start, and there. is. no. space. Can't even let friends (who've offered) help me do it, because there's no room for more than one person and a walker. That, and I want to keep my friendships. I turn into too much of a maniac to inflict that on my pals.

The right, formerly dislocated shoulder gets bitchy if I lean on it too long but that's all that arm's good for right now, and the left broken collarbone is snappily rebelling against movement. With the insane weather change my hip is just beyond. If I was a car I'd junk me.

It all has to be done by next week, though, because HUD will be coming through inspecting, and things have to be in their goddamned places for the feds. Really, we're all infirmed and old here; you'd think they'd give us more than 3 friggin ass weeks to get sorted out before barracks inspection.

And with all the dust stirred up I'm filthy and will get more filthy so there's another chore before bedtime.

However, progress was made. There's more to do before I can actually get into my bed; things need moving so I can get to the other dresser and put clothing away. Once that's done it won't be so bad in there. But it's a good thing my neighbor's so deaf. There will be much more cursing before the day is done.


Anonymous said...

Cursing is good for the soul. It clears the air and the mind. Seriously, it does sound like a teeny tiny hell on earth right now. What a nerve these people have, keeping you out of your home and away from your belongings and friends for so long and then insisting on inspecting the space so soon after letting you in. There is only so much one person can do on their own, especially when their body is in revolt. Idiots!!!

Austan said...

You're good for my soul, Lawless. :) The thought that anyone would want an even more heartless government than we already have is stupifying. It's easy to tag people as "The Old" or "The Crippled", but every one of us has a heart and mind. They seem to forget that.