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Sunday, November 6, 2011

No Daylight Saved Here

Mr. Jameson's done his job again. Aside from sleeping for half the day and feeling slightly hungover, all's well. The old cures still work for me. Now will follow 24 hours of nose-blowing and coughing and then it should be over. Part of the throat issues is from wailing away with Robert Plant til midnight.

And here we are on Sunday afternoon, just 28 hours til the DRB meeting. I've received several emails from folks who will be going. Also have an email from Spinoza telling us that oscillococcinum comes from the heart and liver of a duck. So will have to rethink getting that from its original source!

And Strider had a full evening, too.
All in all, I'd say a good job well done.
Today is a good day to do nothing. Hack around, eat some stuff, just hang. Starting tomorrow it'll be go, go, go. But today is just for the spending.


Anonymous said...

The "osci" is amazing stuff..but...who knew? Oh well, seeing as we're on a poultry kick, make yourself some chicken soup. That stuff really does help.

Austan said...

Right? And yes, there's still leftover chicken soup from when I made it for Strider. Another mysterious healer- Jewish penicillin!