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Monday, November 14, 2011

There and Back Again

It took 3 days, 2 cable guys visiting, and 6 Comcast phone people but I'm back online in the Shire, in my cozy beat up wing chair. The move in went really well because several good people showed up and helped, even 2 BHA board commissioners! My neighbor and I are like jolly old friends after our pissy beginnings, all washed away in the flood. I gave her some cinnamon buns and you'd've thought it was a thousand bucks. She brought over a phone for me to use since my phones and many other belongings are MIA. Apparently some of the helpful volunteers helped themselves to people's belongings. Very sad, but I'm not giving up hope that things will turn up. I don't even have everything from the Muffinpants' house storage so the jury's still out. We'll see what happens..

Thank you all for keeping me bucked up and hearing my rants and despair through the last 2 1/2 months. You inspired me to keep fighting, to stay focussed and to keep my knees bent to absorb the shocks. :) It's been Hell and the war to keep these buildings isn't over, but hallelujah I'm home.

Really, I'm to-the-bone exhausted. I feel like I could sleep for a week. There's so much to do, a few things that still aren't working, and the place looks like the wreck of the Hesperus. But I'm home. Everything else is secondary. I'm older and wiser for this experience. I know who loves me better than I ever did or dreamed. I've had some amazing experiences in all this. Made new friends, got to love old ones even more than I did, and made it through pretty much intact. And my new bed is heaven.

So life goes on. The holidays will come, I'll throw a huge party, 2012 will dawn over The Shire. We live to fight another day. Sometimes that's all you need.


CarrieBoo said...

Bloomin' 'eck mate! *sniff* You got your comfy bed! And your old beaten up chair. Hehehhee. *huge sigh of relief* Hey, all this (in hindsight) will make for quite the unique segment in your book!!! Strange timing, really. XX So happy you are back.

Austan said...

Hey Boo! Life is almost back to normal (or what passes for normal considering it's me doing it). Thanks for being there thru all the ups and downs of the journey. It's soooooo good to be home!!! xxx

CarrieBoo said...

My kinda normal! Of course, my little cream pie warrior. X

Anonymous said...

I can see you sitting there all cozy with a cuppa clicking away...Your own beddie and your own where the heck are those socks. I'm so glad you're finally home and back on line. Look out people, Austans back.

Austan said...

Boo- I love you.

Lawless- I found my socks last night!!!!! Am going to go take a hot shower, get in my flannel pjs and have cocoa. I hope you're as content and cozy as I am.
Now, about my town's behaviour in this... (yes, i'm back but sshh, they think i'm just a gimpy old bat)

klahanie said...

Fantastic stuff! And can I attend a virtual party at your place? I can be the silly old dude sitting in the corner with a lampshade on his head :)
Positive and peaceful wishes for an even better future, your way,

Austan said...

Gary- You're welcome any time, my friend! Virtually or actually. ;)