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Sunday, November 27, 2011

LOTR: a Good Background for Tough Days

The bedroom is well on its way to organized. Clothes are in drawers, though mostly just pitched in. Neatness doesn't count when you're plowing through a mountain of crap. Fine tuning things will come later. I have a long winter ahead to put things exactly where and how I want them.

Strangely, I drew inspiration by having the Lord of the Rings trilogy playing. The fight noise, yelling and general pissed-offedness of everyone involved was calming and uplifting while I fought the Battle for the Bedroom. :)  It occurs to me that I'm probably PMSing, too, which always brings a lot more pain, as well as shortened patience and a mouth like Redd Foxx. It's hard to tell when you're PMSing at this age; nothing is as it was. A calendar is useless. And sometimes you go through the whole PMS and nothing happens, it all just goes away. How lovely to be a woman.

Good things today, too. Mustn't lose sight of that. Strider will be bringing Hildie down in a couple or three weeks. I hope she brings Ems too. I miss him terribly. That's perfect timing, and hopefully her Christmas presents will be here by then. I can't wait to see her! My neighbor brought me watermelon. She loved the pies I gave her; it's peaceful in The Shire. Another gift of the flood. I also got to talk for a long while with my brother, which was great. It's been a month since he retired and he's going stir crazy. And yes, it's for sure that Greg Lake will be touring next year. And I will move heaven and earth to get to at least one of his concerts. It's been almost 35 years since the ELP at MSG concert! I expect my shirt will stay on this time. Daryl and I are back at the Heat Fund and for December I'm making one of Strider's dishes (she gave me permission). Details will follow, though not the recipe unless you make a donation... hint, hint.

Time to hit the shower, put on jammies, make some dinner (3 days of turkey is enough). It'll be an early day again tomorrow with the Maintenance crew. Our plumbing's still not right. I actually haven't checked to see if the hot water's working tonight. Oh joy, I may be filthy when they get here. I hate that, they're cute.


Anonymous said...

One room many to go?

Austan said...

The bathroom's done, so 2 and a little box room. The sitting room isn't too bad. The kitchen, however... I still hadn't found some of my kitchen stuff from April, this move I've found even less! Like all my knives but no steel. All the slotted spoons but no solids. Potholders but no trivets. Go figure.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I can't even stand to unpack after a vacation.

Good luck in finding things. I moved into my house 9 years ago and there are things that I still have not found.

Austan said...

Arleen! lol I hate that too.

How are these things possible? I've been looking for one thing since 2007 myself. The sock that disappears in the wash. The thingie that falls and disappears forever, though you heard the ping when it hit the floor. Mysteries.