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Monday, November 28, 2011


Not only will Strider soon be going on vacation for the first time I can remember. She will be coming with me to see Greg. And we will meet him. And tell him the "love child" story. (Actually, she'll have to tell him; I'll be stammering or out cold) And I'm going to ask him to autograph me, which I'll then have tattoed. Don't know where to do it. I want to be able to see it. And there are areas that if he touched I may die on the spot. Any suggestions?  


Anonymous said...

Upper thigh for sure.

Austan said...

Oh my god that's what Strider said! I'll faint!

Anonymous said...

No you won''ll be cool, remote, distant even...femme fatale (sp?). He will be the one with shaking hands.

Austan said...

Oh Lawless you're the best!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I'm with Delores!

You will be cool because we know you can handle anything and everything.

Austan said...

You're really the best cheer squad in the world! Thank you Arleen.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

I think I've arrived in the middle of an on-going saga, but seeing I don't know who Strider is, or even which of the 36½ genders you may belong to/aspire to, I would say below the left buttock.

Just to be safe.

Actually, the only place I know of that a touch is instantaneously fatal is the superior vagus nerve, so don't get tattoed there.


Thanks for joining.

Austan said...

Hi TSB! Welcome! I am in this incarnation a female and yes, you've landed in an ongoing saga, though not as violent as anything in Egil's. Strider is my daughter. We will be going to a Greg Lake concert; I've been trying to meet him since 1971, when I first developed a crush that never ended.

I will take your advice regarding the superior vagus nerve, but I'm afraid below the left buttock would be just as fatal in my case.

You're welcome!

paulg said...

"a crush that never ended"

Laura you're a true romantic - one of the last left (don't change!).

I will hope (can't pray since I'm non-religious) for your face to face with Mr. Lake to be everything you could wish.

Austan said...

Thanks, Paul- I won't change if you won't. You're one of the Great Believers, as per Scott Fitzgerald's definition.

I just hope I don't pass out. :D