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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Le Menu, 2011

Not all that ambitious, and I'm not doing everything from scratch anymore. Who the Hell wants to make breadcrumbs? Not I. It's all good and I'm not spitting tacks this way. We're having Pie Night after our separate dinners. I love Pie Night.

Withhout further ado, here's Thanksgiving 2011:
noshes- olives, apples, celery with cream cheese

Sage-celery-onion stuffing
mashed taters
creamed onions
sauteed spinach with garlic
sweet corn
fresh cranberry sauce

That should be enough for 2 people.

Pie Night brings Grotke and his raspberry-apple pie, and I have a cranberry crunch and a pumpkin here. It'll be a small Pie crowd this year; the whole Muffinpants family is going down to Massachusetts. But it'll be fun.

The onion-celery-butter mix for the stuffing is smelling cooked. It's all happening. Every year it's like a miracle to me, and every year it's less stressful. You'd think I'd be used to it. I've been cooking Thanksgiving since 1984. But just these last few years I've got it down to a system that works without troubles. For that I'm thankful. It keeps Snippy Fussbudget, Martyr, at bay.

As I leave to finish the stuffing, I wish everyone a fun Thanksgiving.  


klahanie said...

And now I'm hungry :) "I've been cooking Thanksgiving since 1984." Good grief, you really should get some sleep!:)
Have a peaceful and pleasant American Thanksgiving.
In kindness, Gary

Austan said...

Gary- Sometimes the Brooklyn comes out!
Thank you.
And a lovely day to you.
with fondness,

Anonymous said...

That's a long time to have been cooking Thanksgiving dinner....may be time for a fresh turkey.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Is there no better aroma than that of the stuffing. My daughter just came in and said, "Ah". Onions, celery, thyme, sage, butter, well, the best of best.

Happy Thanksgiving Laura, and so glad you are home at last.

Austan said...

Lawless- Okay with the wisecracks! sheesh! :D

Arleen- It really is a great household perfume!! They oughta make a Glade of it! And thanks, girl. It's so good to be home. Happy Thanksgiving!!!