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Thursday, November 10, 2011

When He's 64

I still need him and I'd still feed him. Greg Lake turns 64 today, November 10th. I forgot to mention Keith Emerson's birthday was Nov. 2nd. Many Happy Returns, Keith!

If you'd like to leave Greg a birthday greeting (and know he'll see it) you can do so at

He loves to read these. It's a tradition.

And today marks us as one third through November. That went quick, huh? This is the luge ride end of the year. We'll look up in a few hours and it'll be January.


CarrieBoo said...

I bet he'd enjoy your cookin'. (That song... what a blast of childhood.)

Wayne K said...

That means Christmas is upon us :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, not so fast with the January. I've got too much to get done before then.

Austan said...

Hahah! Yes, to all y'all. It's the end of the year, the holidays are coming! Run! Run for your life!