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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Helena Handbasket

Holy cow, I don't look at the news for 2 days and all kindsa hellzapoppin.

Too late to say you're sorry:

No reason, but the truth is plain to see:

And from a Jobs With Justice email:
Even as we celebrate together, we are gearing up for more action. A deadlocked super committee means that there will automatic across-the-board cuts, split 50-50 between defense and non-defense spending while Social Security and Medicaid would be excluded. This deadlock also emphasis that there are many Congressional members committed to reducing the country's debt on the backs of the 99% and giving Wall Street yet another sweet back-room deal. It also means that we’re not any closer to solving this revenue crisis. Our work together continues! Please join us on December 7th in Washington D.C. when Superheros from the 99% will lead a Speak Out for Jobs not Cuts

Emerson Lake and Palmer have a new album coming out!
This album was made at their peak.

It's all happening, still, in Egypt:

Libya PM says no Islamists in cabinet:

Macy's balloons could get a windy day:

Road breaks away, no injuries:

We've lost Shelagh Delaney:

And John Neville:

Everyone gets naked in support of Weiwei:

Killer pleads guilty in California:

And that's just a few stories...


Anonymous said...

No shortage of news.

Geo. said...

Since Cal-trans cuts, we've had an increasing problem with potholes here. As you can see by the one in San Pedro, they can cause tire damage.