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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Foggy-Headed Morning Face

"From the opiate of custom to the ledges of extremes don't believe it til you've held it; life is seldom what it seems. Lay your heart upon the table and in the shuffling of dreams, remember who on Earth you are." -Pete Sinfield and Greg Lake

I got a head like a snowglobe this morning. More stuff floating and twirling around in it than in Herman Cain's brain. Going to bed early didn't really work, cuz I read a bit, then a thought would distract me, and then it's get up a few times to look at something or other. Which leads to doing something. Around midnight I turned everything off and made my eyes stay shut. Imagined a rainbow. Fell asleep.

Already up for 2 hours, I haven't done much but sit here reading online and staring out the window. It's a quiet morning in The Shire. Unusually warm. While I have a bajillion projects in mind and things lay around just waiting for my attention I don't want to do a thing but sit here and hold a cuppa.

Way back my brother Billy used to sing at me, "You've got morning face, I never cared for morning face but you've got morning face and that's your weakness now." 40 years later, it fits. I'll have to call him.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Lady you've risen but you're not yet shiny I take it. I think you can expect to be a little off kilter for a few days. After all, you've had quite the ride. Don't push yourself. Have a second cuppa and listen to some good old rock and roll. We're off to get Miss Gracie for the day. God help us.

Austan said...

Good morning Lawless! I'm raking your advice, the kettle's on. Good luck with Miss Gracie; get her going making Christmas presents. That always worked with wee ones this time of year for me. If you can get them to sit still...

CarrieBoo said...

Wow, I love the quote you included. That's deep.

I just cut out some candy-cane shapes, drew some lines and gave them to Roz to colour. Uncanny!

I'm on my second up of the day... what are you up to now, four? :)

CarrieBoo said...

"up" LOLOL (says it all)

Austan said...

Boo- Hahahahah!!! I'm on my fourth up and my third cup! ;)