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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Things

So I puttered around for some stuff that wouldn't make me feel worse (Strider is sick and I think I am now, too).

Today is Banxodus:

Peter Jackson explains what's up with shooting The Hobbit:

It's Guy Fawkes Day (also Fr. Kevin Kenny's birthday and the 35th anniversary of something I won't disclose):

10 Little-known Shakespeare Trivia Bits:

There's good news if you know where to find it:

And when it's all too much, there's Dave Barry:


Anonymous said...

Uh Oh...hope it's not the evil flu bug. By the way, WHAT are you not disclosing?

Austan said...

Oh I hope not. Throat, nose, eyes, shoulders all out of order.

Now if I said, it'd be disclosing!

Anonymous said...

Feeling any better now?

Austan said...

Three Jamesons later, not so bad. Strider's gone out, am watching rom-coms and soon to pass out. Thanks, Lawless. Hey, have you heard from Rory? Last I knew he was going to hospital.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard anything. Is it for his arm? I sure hope they can help him.

Austan said...

Yeah, he said he couldn't take the pain so he was going to the hospital, and that's the last I heard. Hope he's okay.