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Monday, November 28, 2011

Melting, Melting, Oh What a World

It's been bizarrely warm lately. The snow has all melted but for the shoveled mounds that are ugly and dirty. It's foggy and drippy this morning, looking much more like late Spring than 4 weeks from Christmas in Vermont.

News this morning that Ken Russell, the British director, has died. Russell's catalog of controversial and somewhat notorious films remains. RIP.

Six AIDS patients have died after they stopped taking meds because their church told them they were healed:

Occupy LA protesters won't leave:

The Egyptian elections are underway:

The NATO/Pakistani relations continue to deteriorate:

Perception of Climate Change is shifting:

Jimmy Carter continues to be more optimistic than I:

Video: America's senior nomads:

Urinal games:

On that note, I'm off.


Anonymous said...

When global warming starts to affect grocery store shelves in a big way (and in so doing, the worlds tummies) then we may see some grass roots action. It's all too easy when it is affecting those in third world countries. A couple of years of drought in either of our countries could put us in the same category.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Heaven forbid that a man should be bored in the potty! Actually, when I was potty training our sons a bazillion years ago, we made a game of it, too, and they did things like sink boats ... and hit bull's eye type targets. (To the best of my knowledge, they no longer need such incentives ...)

Austan said...

Susan- Honestly! As if they're kids who need an incentive? And what about us? No fun for us!

CarrieBoo said...

I admit, peeing my name in the snow holds a certain appeal... but can you really imagine a bunch of men whipping their wangs about together? Good grief they cater to the lowest denominations...

I didn't realize they were so backwards in England! The Evangelists... never came across them when I lived there. That's terrible. People, please get some education. Seriously!

Interesting compilation, Laura!

Austan said...

Lawless- Your comment never showed up in my email! Good thing I checked the dashboard. And all you say is true. As long as we don't deal with the effects we can keep our heads in the sand.

Austan said...

Carrie- Thanks! It's a weird news day. Now they say Barney Frank is retiring, too.

CarrieBoo said...

Right now? He couldn't wait a few more weeks? Weird.

Austan said...

Not right now, he just won't run again. He wasn't perfect but he was good.