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Thursday, November 17, 2011

So Far Behind I Can't See Ketchup

Everything needs doing and it's all priority. This has caused many things to suffer today, including blogging time. It's been off to the races every day here with inspectors, BHA folks and just people. It's all good and necessary but it eats up so much of the day! Here it is afternoon and not half the things I want to do have been gotten to.

So I made coffee and am writing this and making lists while here at the desk. There is much in the news:
There's a day of action going on after the police closings of OWS around the US:

And in NYC, the OWS did just that:

The mother of Hugh Grant's child was threatened:

Photoshopping gets Benetton in trouble:

Our own Senator Leahy wants to censor the internet:

Syria's Arab Spring still not resolved:

Cheap and terrible foods:

Today's 24 hours in photos:

Now back to these lists....


Anonymous said...

I have lists of my lists...I just can't find them under all this junk.

Austan said...

I'm pretty sure I already made this list but I can't find it. I think it was over here.

paulg said...

Glad you're busy. I feel less a heel for not coming over....

Austan said...

Don't feel bad, Paul, it's been Grand Central around here. I'm hoping for a quiet weekend!