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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The DRB meeting went on until 12:45, hours after the feed died. But I woke to emails. My building was okayed; I can go home. Hallelujah.

That still means no news for the folks in the other 4 buildings; the whole thing will be reviewed again on November 21st for those people. But I'll be around town for that.

I'm just as disgusted at the town officials as I was from the start. The town attorney all but condemned our whole Shire himself. Why does he keep getting reinstated at Town Meeting? Why do we pay this man a heap of money when he doesn't hold us in esteem?

Well, I'm kinda frazzed at the moment and have emails to send. I'll be back.

And I can play this for real this time:


Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hurray........You're going home. You must be SO relieved. And now when there are more discussions about the rest of the place you will be there to add your 20 cents worth. You will see your socks again. I'm so happy for you.

Austan said...

Oh Lawless, it's hard to believe it's gonna be over. My socks! My socks!

CarrieBoo said...

Holy happy sock day to you! Huge sigh of relief and I know you'll do the other residents proud.

(What a JERK!)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! All is right with the world again. Okay, so maybe not ALL, but it's a good start.