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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Morning in the Shire

It's chilly but blue-skied, the elder hobbits meeting and greeting on the paths. The gang is organizing to get the rest of my stuff out of the Muffinpants' house this morning. People are still moving in and getting settled here and hopefully that will continue in peace.

The first week back has blown right by. Not half of what I wanted to get done is done but oh well. There is only so much you can get worked up about anymore. The news takes a lot out of ya.

But there's always good in the bad, too. Maybe the Berrigans I've been looking for are finally surfacing:

The Hallmark channel is already doing marathon Christmas programming. WTH? It's not even Thanksgiving yet. Can we have some time? I can't even think about Christmas.

Best get my butt moving. The gang will be here in an hour!


Anonymous said...

So nice to get things in order again.

CarrieBoo said...

I feel like something big and/or crazy should be happening when all your belongings are reunited as one... I hope you are celebrating right now. That, or sleeping!

Austan said...

It's almost all here. A couple things and my plants are still away, but holy cow is there work to do. And my right arm is shot. This will be a loooong process. But I'm home; everything else is gravy.