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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Some Days Ya Can't Go Fast Enough

Things have gotten done, despite the stream of visitors, lousy weather (it's more like April than November) and being right square on the bitch line.

Miracle Working Nurse brought me a box of chocolates. She looks great, though her husband was just diagnosed with throat cancer. Hate that. Cancer is the worst thing I know, just ahead of the treatment for it.

One of the BHA women was by to check on each of us and make sure everything was working. She's good people. There really are a lot of good people in the world. A lot can depend on shared experience. When you get to know someone as a human being it's harder to dislike them. Goes a long way toward forgiving too. I've emailed Billy twice and called just a while ago; no answers (also found out that they're charging me for LD calls now. Oh, Fairpoint...) Who knows what's up there. My old pal The Princess wrote a good, fair and tough LTTE of The Commons that impressed a BHA board member. Plague is hitting end of the semester in Grad School screamies (I remember that) but keeping her humor. Stevil is home sick. I worry about him. My Girl Friday is back -on Friday- but part of the Thanksgiving dinner is already in the house and everything's under control. There are things I entrust only to her. She can do everything in her sleep with her feet, it's so ingrained. Soon as she walks in she knows what to do. I'm lost without her. It's all gonna work out. I'm home.

The news has been, well frankly, too miserable for me to handle much of right now. I'll hit it as I can. But the Bachmann-CIA-ACLU story and Cain's twirly brain were pretty funny.

Got some clothes put away, found the canister set but not the drums or the bread box. It's a process.  It's all a process. And I gotta make the new post carrier stop with the pointless flirting with me, it takes up too much time. But I've got mail. Yay!

Still I miss Strider and the furfaces. Especially Ems. And The Beest. And the pastel kitty. ;)

The DRB meeting is Monday night, part deux of the saga of the Shire meetings. I want to be there for it.
So yeah, plans are being laid, things are getting done as they can get done.


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a little flirting....makes a gal feel special.

Austan said...

Yeah, I guess it's cause I'm on the bitch line. Too many people through here too early every morning. Not enough sleep.