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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Begatting Ourselves Into Getting Begone

The NY Times ran an article about the 7 billions of us and what we're doing:

The ramifications of so many things- peak oil, weather changes, economic disasters and more than twice the number of people on this planet than there were just 50 years ago- happening all at once, will be tremendous.

Meanwhile the Pope told the flock to have more children. The rightie-tighties are lambasting women's health centers and services. The new idiot on the block, Cain, is trying to make it a black vs. white issue:

And here's a look at population and climate change:

I've heard arguments that it's not how many people there are, but how much those people consume. That's a fallacious argument to me. The fact that there are 7 billion people now living on the same-sized planet it always was, remains ignored in that argument.

I look out across the way to the mountains and think of that old Star Trek where the planet is so packed with people that they squeeze by each other like sardines. It may not happen for a thousand years. Or the old world may just get sick of us parasites and shake us off. Either way I'm glad I won't be around to see it.

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paulg said...

It's the yeast growth curve - yippee!