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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mama Misbehaves

Back in the dinosaur age, we adapted a Yes song lyric to, "Mother comes down the stairs and she stands there. 24 cans of beer and she'll kill you." It's backwards for me tonight. It would be "Daughter comes up the stairs." There aren't 24 cans of beer and she wouldn't kill me. But the same face and feeling would come over me. : I  oooooops.

This has been a flip-flop day. Strider taught me much in a short timespan together. And tonight she's out and I'm here, Led Zep blasting, at Knebworth '75. I'm pretty s-f'd, using the cold bug as an excuse to have a few shots of Jameson's. And I just got a beer I found in the fridge. I really feel like a kid. Except Zep would've been on vinyl or Don Kirschner's Rock Concert and not on a 3 foot wide screen from a digitized disc and digital sound from stereo speakers attached to the system. And I wouldn't have a damned walker.

And this afternoon there was a total role-reversal. She went out and got cold-killing things for me that she'd been taking and I took them, like a sick child would. Oscillococcinum and zinc lozenges. How amazing. It was so nice. Really, sweetly good. And I feel better for them (that's not the Jameson's talking, either. I felt better before the Jameson's. I just feel even better now).

For the record, I find homeopathy to be bogus most of the time and don't think of oscillococcinum or zinc as hp. I think of them as active agents, not as homeopathics. A big difference there. I use herbs medicinally, too. There's something in them all that counteracts, not immunizes. Counters are good. When your immunity is low you don't need vaccines, you need a counteractive agent. The trick is to keep healthy and not have a low immunity. The stress must've caught up to me this time. I like eating healthy good food. When you step back from processed foods you have a natural attraction to healthy food. Your body rebels when you feed it crapola after a while. It'll respond to good stuff quicker. So much of the natural state of things are easier on the system, too, like white willow bark is better than aspirin. I'm gonna look for original states of oscillococcinum.

Ah well, forgive my tipsy ramblings. I'm a kid with the house to herself.


Anonymous said...

Stress can do a number on the body. I'm with you on boosting the immune system and using herbs....I have to disagree with you on the homeopathic remedies...I have a few of them on hand like arnica for healing, colchicum autum for the gout, lachesis for sore throat...they work for me. Could be all in my head but who cares where it is if it works right? I'll do anything I have to in order to avoid a medical practitioner. (they're only practicing you know? lol))

Austan said...

I think the diff is that what people call homeopathic and what I was taught is homepathy are two different things. A lot of what I see marketed as homeopathy is herbal treatment, in my book. And oh yeah, if it works who cares what it's called? lol "they're only practicing" hahah Boy ain't that the truth!