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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Charitable Gifting

For the last few years I've made donations to Heifer International in lieu of gifts for some of my family (who really don't need more crap to live with). The gifts range from a heifer ($500) to a flock of chickens or ducks ($20) to Women in Livestock Development support ($10,000) to honeybees ($30).  This year they're even sending cards to the people to whom you dedicate the gift, so it'll take cards off your mailing list as well.

Do good.


Anonymous said...

World Vision has the same deal. We're down to just the grandkids now for gift giving.

Austan said...

There are a lot of good causes that can use the help more than Aunt Bea would want another sweater. ;)

paulg said...

Never heard of Heifer International till their ads started turning up on ESPN radio (of all places).
They sound good - glad to have your stamp of approval on them.

Austan said...

I haven't heard of any wrongdoing, and they've been around for years now.