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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Father Votes for the First Time

Yesterday, for the first time in 80 years, Egypt had a free election. This short video tells the story of Magdi Mostafa Mohamed and his son, Tarek Mostafa, who was killed in the uprising. It is both heartening and heartbreaking, as Magdi recounts his son's death while watching the footage of it, then goes to cast his vote so proudly.

I've seen few things that moved me so much. Gods bless you, Mr. Mohamed. 


Anonymous said...

Everywhere people have to fight for what is right, to die for what is right, and it is so easily lost again. This is why I get livid at election time when people don't get out and bloody vote. They have no idea how fortunate they are.

paulg said...

This is a grey, gray world we live in - most of the time.
I'm sure Tom Finnell is right that our dirty ops types were involved in Libya and elsewhere, but this story is one of light in the darkness and I'm holding on to it.

Austan said...

It's true, Lawless. People throw their right (I think obligation, too) away and sit back and bitch. There are many who don't even have the right.

Paul, it is a gray world. But there are real people, like this man, for whom it's worth it to fight and die. He is one light in the darkness. There are others waiting for a spark.