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Thursday, November 24, 2011

We Gather Together

There is much to be thankful about. For us, nobody in the family is serving in the military, nobody is terribly sick and nobody is in serious circumstances this Thanksgiving. We are all, as far as I know, going to eat the bird and kick back with those we usually do in safety and comfort. We'll have plenty to eat and to share. We'll sit around and chat and eat something else. We'll laugh, maybe sing at some point, do what we do. That's part of what's so good. The same faces, year after year, doing what we do.

News on the Ladies of the Lake website that Greg will be touring next year! Just the thought of that, seeing Greg in person 35 years later, I get happy.

And so, for all the smiling faces of year after year, for being back in my home, for Greg doing another tour, for all that I have and all I can share, for all I can count on and all I can hope for, may I be mindfully thankful every day.


Anonymous said...


CarrieBoo said...

AWEsome. And beautifully said. (Wow, go Greg!)

Austan said...

Amen, ca va and so mote it be, ladies. Greg! After 35 years neither of us look the same- will he recognize me as the girl without a top in MSG??! (I got an email from his own website confirming the tour and stating his next live web chat is Sunday, Dec. 11th!)