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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Today marks 10 weeks since Irene came to town. It's a lovely chilly Fall morning in Maine. The snow is gone. 60 hours from now we'll all hear what the DRB declares about our homes. Friends back home are pushing for our return. There is a good amount of media coverage, including an interview on our local TV station of some BHA folks about what happened:

Radio guy Steve West sent me MP3s of the show he did about The Shire. The Commons and the Reformer have been following the story. Even the Rutland Herald has. We've done a lot of campaigning.

I hesitate to bring up the news today because a lot of it is bad. But we're adults, right?

A second veteran is in intensive care, thanks to the Oakland police:

Andy Rooney died:

Everybody duck:

3 protesters were run down by a Koch brothers celebrant:

This doesn't look good:

G20 a microcosm of world afffairs & economies:

And that's all I can stand this morning.


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping all the publicity will shove things in the right direction. As to all the other news today....blah!!!

Austan said...

Lawless- If they screw up, there'll be big repercussions. I think they know that.
And yeah, the news is lousy today.