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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Maybe, Maybe Not

Depending upon a lot of circumstances and the way things go, I may be off line Friday and into Saturday. I don't know what kind of set up there is at the Muffinpants' house.

One way or another I'll be back blogging over the weekend. And I'll return emails as soon as I can. So far I've been lucky in internet access, we'll see if that holds.

Until then, carry on, make waves, party like a rock star. ;)


Anonymous said...

Safe travels....happy landings.

Austan said...

Thanks, Lawless. Signing off. See you when I'm in VT!

CarrieBoo said...

I knew I shouldn't have passed out on the sofa last night... it's early Friday morning now, so I'll leave this for when you can get online.

We've been greeted by a thin layer of snow today. Hope things are clear for your travels. Lots of luck and love.