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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

From King to Queen of RnR

This fuzzy morning, Lawless advised me to get out some old rock n'roll. I took that suggestion seriously and have spent a royal music day.
From King Crimson

to more Crimso

to Kansas

to more cowbells:

to learning love from fools and from sages

to paths you can go by

to a house in New Orleans

to a whiter shade of pale

to a song that got me an A on a paper

to a kitchen chair

to September 11th

to be heroes

to out here in the fields

to balloons

to Muffinpants

to love somebody

to Queen


Anonymous said...

Straight to the "House of the Rising Sun"...I love that song. Geez Austan, you must be the first person in the entire world to take my advice. I need to sit down.

Austan said...

Lawless- Hahahahah! Well, more should! It was good!

paulg said...

As long as we're doing rock on tubetube here's a recent favorite of mine:

It's an Elvis Costello song called Green Shirt as played and sung by a woman named Lucibel ((Lucifer and Jezebel mashed together?)) Crater. No idea who she is, but love the name and this version of a Costello masterpiece.