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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gifts of Food

Since coming home I've gotten goodies. First off, Paul showed up with raspberry coffee cake (I love it when men bake!) on moving in morning. It was so good... Then Phoe came by with fresh Clementine loaf cake. Yum. And then Alicia brought fresh eggs from her chickens and vanilla yogurt she made. I swear, I've never ever had such yogurt. Better than any. Ever. Ever. Somewhere between natural cream (which is nothing like what you buy in the supermarket, btw) and whipped cream. Dense and light at once. And fresh eggs? Nothing else like em on earth. Oh it's good to be home!

And Daryl will be doing a Heat Fund day on Westy's show Dec. 14th, so gotta come up with an unused recipe and demo for them to eat on air.

The toikey moves to fridge from freezer today, and the cranberries get cooked for both sauce and pie. We're in it now, there's only forward. The menu is set and there's a streamlined cooking schedule for this week. Quite the challenge when I haven't found the mixing bowls, plates or really anything yet. But it'll happen, it always does.

Things are on hold as far as The Shire. Numbers have to be worked up for the December meeting. Meanwhile, some of the displaced residents have found other housing right here in The Shire and we're organizing their moving on Tuesday and Wednesday. At least they won't be homeless for Thanksgiving.

And it's time to get the fruit donation for the VA hospital again. Holy cow where does a year go? So much happens and it goes by so fast.

Well, time for another coffee and get into the boxes in the kitchen. It won't unpack itself. 


Anonymous said...

Let the games begin...just don't overdo it okay?

Austan said...

Lawless- I'm listening, for once. I don't think I can overdo this year. When the arms have had it, there's no more can be done! ;)