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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Never Forget the Old Ones

Many things... uplifting, unusual, unexpected things have happened in my life. Only recently I've discovered that my life hasn't been like other people's. Some of that is surely chance. Some has been because of my family, work or friendships. There've also been things behind which I never quite see a hand, but know it's there.

Such a thing is in my life now. A new ship, voyage, quest, whatever metaphor pleases. It's funny, though, that often when things look like a dead end, they aren't. They're resting places. At some point there comes an opening, a new path. It probably isn't what is expected and may be hard to recognize. Turn from it or let the herd sway you away, you lose it forever. Don't heed what the ordinary advise. They fear, mock and put down what they don't already know. Pity their small sightedness but don't stay amongst them. Bless them, wish them well, and jump on. Listening to them seriously is a virus that you'll never be rid of. It causes doubts and creates fears that you don't naturally own. It's taken me years to sort that out.

At some point I'll accept for once and all that those who piss on my parade are simply never to be trusted. They have their path, I have mine. And to truly rise above and circumvent it all can mean alienating those you love most. Love has as many entangling tentacles as Cthulhu.

Still, there is something of a redeeming force in life. I've taken too many leaps of faith and landed intact to not believe it. And I've seen too much to think I've seen it all. There is, always, hope in the unknown.

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