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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

These New Realities

It's a big adjustment living here. Not only is it quiet as a tomb almost all the time, but I can use my walker through the whole place and don't have to "furniture walk" as it's called. Which is all good. I'm also glad I detoxed before getting here because if I'd fallen the ways I did here, I'd have been really injured. Tile floors are unforgiving. I worry about falling here. My plan to zoom around in the wheelchair is shot. The right brake broke off in my hand during the move, in the braked position. It's a very old chair. I guess I need to work on finding a new one. For whatever unknown reason, my puter's speakers still won't work. I monkeyed around with the sound system last night til I gave up. It's gonna take someone who knows what they're doing. I miss YouTube!! And all my new music that Ally sent me!! Well, just another day- even if Stevil's too tired to come over today, Westy will come out tomorrow. It'll be fixed.

Boxes beckon and as I have energy, I get to them. None of them are going anywhere. I still don't know why Blogger ignores my paragraph spacing but it's annoying. I'm gonna try using triple spaces between and see if that works.

Last night, for the first time ever since getting gimpy, I sat on the couch and watched TV like millions of others do. It was a rebroadcast of Ken Burns' Civil War mini-series. Fabulous. He's another local we're proud of around here. And a really nice guy from the two times I met him. If you can catch the series, do. It must be in the innertubes somewheres. He explores the war from different angles, through letters from soldiers and hundreds and hundreds of photographs. I appreciate the way he sets up scenes, and that while the most powerful photos are shown there is no sound. It makes an impact.

Otherwise, I sit watching my friends go through the storms and twisters in their lives, some with good outcomes and some not so much. It's a scary world out there; be kind to each other.

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