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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Life During Wartime

Jesus what a week & it's not half done! So many small and large crappy things have happened to so many peep I know in the last few days that it's tough to "wrap your head around it" as they say. There is so much loss going on, of lives, homes, jobs- even a library struck by lightning near my Indy family!- it's like war. While there is a great deal of camaraderie in it all, the shocks and attendant sadness take a toll on us. And there's a lot of work to do. The good things to come from it is a kind of bonding in grief and a resolve to carry on that nobody will disgrace. And some unexpected uproarious humor, which I consider humankind's best weapon against adversity. We'll get through. But could we get one day off? Just one?

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