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Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's a Wonderful Life

It's done. Brian, Barb, Barry, Nancy, Mike, Paul, Todd, Cam, Chris and Lise all showed up and I'm the proud resident of my new hobbit home. I don't know how to thank them all for being such good friends and letting me be the gimp in the chair while they did all the work. And it was joyful. Some of us had never even met before- we all know each other thru iBrattleboro, and I'd never even met Barry or Paul before- what amazing, kind people. It's times like this that remind you that you aren't alone; that no matter how isolated you may be or seem, there are people who care. People you may not even expect. And I gotta tell you, after today I wouldn't trade places with anyone or live anywhere else. I've found home. Brat is home. Paul, Mike and Cam even set up my bed and made it for me so I can go crash after I've wound down. Even the cable guy was terrific. I'm so frigging blessed that every moment I was alone today I cried. I feel like George Bailey. Seriously. I'm the richest chick in town, because I have friends, and they're truly good folks. I wish the same for everyone who reads this.

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