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Sunday, April 17, 2011

There But For the Grace...

News is all over town that the building I moved out of two weeks ago is on fire. Flames coming out of the roof, 3 floors of the 5 are involved. I hope everyone got out safely. There were alarms all the time there; many of us grew to all but ignore it. It's also a local landmark. President Hayes stayed there back when it was a hotel... damn, I just hope everyone's safe. And again, someone's looking out for me or I'd have been right in the middle of it. Thanks again, Malik. Update: It's 1:21 am and they're gaining on the fire. The historical tower has fallen in. The front wall may be falling. 64 apartments, at least a dozen businesses, our community radio station... all may be lost. But so far, not one human injury. We have amazing firefighters. My poor former neighbors, they've lost everything. This is a huge tragedy. All those businesses... and I escaped 2 short weeks ago.

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