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Monday, April 18, 2011

Is This the Real Life?

The Brooks House is destroyed. The FDs are still there hosing it down. They've been working all night. A friend who works right across the way there called @ 7 and said my old apartment is a black hole. It's a total loss. The skyline looks like broken teeth. Where are my old neighbors? Is the group that organized behind the Wilder and Estey St fires still around? A lot of the town's poorest are now homeless and have lost everything. We have to help. This is a nightmare. And behind it were so many weird things people said when I was moving out. It's all eerie and surreal. When something is organized to help the victims I'll post the info here. A local paper has posted a video of the fire: Update: Help is on the way. This is from iBrattleboro, posted by Glenn: The American Red Cross (of Vermont and the New Hampshire Valley) is leading the assistance efforts - they're holding a meeting this afternoon to coordinate support activities, and more detailed/accurate information should be available after that. United Way of Windham County is supporting the Red Cross, so we have and will continue to post information on our web site and Facebook page. One of the most important things right now is to get the word out to people affected by the fire to register with the Red Cross as soon as possible. They can also call 2-1-1 for assistance. American Red Cross of Vermont and the New Hampshire Valley: website donation page, 802-254-2377 Again, more information should be available this afternoon.

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