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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nobody's Fault but Mine

Teachers used to say, "Absence is no excuse for ignorance." I'd add, "Not paying attention will bite you." If I'd paid attention to my mother's condition I may have not ended up as crippled as she did. Maybe not have run down the Westside Highway in Converse sneakers every day for a year. May not have chosen a career that required such constant physical exertion. May not have walked and marched everywhere in everything, sometimes in high heels, thru my 20s and 30s. May have not beaten up my body in so many ways. But I did. My unsought advice for the day is to pay attention to your parents' and grandparents' health conditions at a young age. And plan for your own health. Be proactive, if you will, in heading issues off at the pass. Be smart. If you ignore it, it'll be your own fault and your own misery.

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