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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Unending Birthday

Birthday part 6 continues today. I consider my birthday having started last Friday when Strider got here. Every day has been a birthday since and it has become a birthday week. If this keeps up I'll be in the hospital by the weekend. I'm not complaining. I could use the rest.

So far, my solar return gifts include a massive collection of music and recorded poetry (Strider spent days burning dozens of CDs on an uncooperative laptop for me), incenses and a new tray, new horse flags for my walker, a can (!- unknown here) of NAS tobacco, lots of Lindt chocolate (Strider); new Milano cookies (Alchemaya); an alien in a jar, a perfect handmade necklace, chocolate-covered strawberries (Snootch and Greenbriar); a huge bouquet of roses, lilies (yikes!) and wildflowers (Armando); 3 fab concert DVDs custom made for me that I haven't even gotten to watch because of the ongoing festivities and attendant late nights (Jim); and an assortment of cards both bought and handmade.

And there's no end in sight as framily members get time to run over here and spread love. It's been among the happiest birthdays and certainly the best in a decade or so. No high dramas, lots of laughter, good people having fun. All things that are the priceless presents in life. The only thing we really have is time and this week I appreciate all the time people are spending on me. That's what this unending birthday is about. I'm a happy camper. A tired happy camper. ;)

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