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Monday, April 18, 2011

Overmedicating America

In the past weeks, 3 close people in my life have lost their minds and now must get treatment because of the drugs they've been prescribed. Several more have quit or are quitting. From my viewpoint, overmedicating the US population began about 8 years ago, as nearly everyone I know got drugs. Not fun drugs, psychoactive drugs. Mood elevators. Antidepressants. Things akin to Thorazine. Big pharmas have taken advantage and broadcast TV ads round the clock. This may explain a lot about how/why things have become so unbelievable in this country. It's like a page out of Orwell's 1984 or BNW. Even the name- Soma! Yes, there are those who need them. But not the majority of our populace. When 3/4 of everyone I know are drugged, something is desperately wrong. And you have to ask yourself why...

I had to add this song:

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Geo. said...

Yes,"about 8 years ago". That would fall within our country's phase of international belligerence --a tantrum that certainly increased demand for mood elevators.