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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Brief Vacation

The last 4 days have been really refreshing. Funny how when you have company, people generally behave themselves. No long meandering phone calls or messages, no huge dramas or crazy displays; whatever they have going on, when there's a witness they don't vomit it on you. At least, not so much.

Which makes me think, "If they can pull that off for however long I have company, why do it at all?" and, "So it's only because I'm alone a lot that they feel free to waste my time and energy." and, "They know the difference in their behavior, so it's not a clear sitch of insanity here; there's a choice involved." In my experience really crazy people are crazy 24/7. They can't curb it, won't curb it, it just is their existence. No matter what is going on with you (and usually that's a low priority to them) they go right along being nutty. Not so in all cases. Add a third party, someone they may not know well or is particularly close to you and the tune changes. And it makes me wonder...

I had a great time with Strider. Conversations that only happen with her- the real deals of life, the observations and insights we share with each other- are meaningful. We walk our wits with each other. I never have to be on my best behavior or even remotely intelligent around her. I can babble, make noises, laugh to myself, even be silent and it's all comfortable. That's family. Who knew that 15 years later, it still would be just as rocking as when we first lived in the Snake Pit and got to know each other?

And the added perk is her wonderdog, The Old Man. Throughout life there are some dogs that are beyond normal doghood. He is one of them. Dog people get at least one wonderdog in life and he is hers. The gentlest, mellowest, sweetest guy ever. He inspires love.

They've only been gone a half-hour and I miss them terribly already.

Ah well, back to regular life. I'll be back later to recap the birthday bonanza, featuring friends, presents from friends and an incomplete mission that I'll have to finish solo tonight. Life is good, a lot of the time, if you look at things a certain way.

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