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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Everything is Gonna Be Allright

The response to the fire and its victims has been tremendous. About 60 people have been left homeless with all their worldly goods lost. But Brattleboro takes care of its own. Charities and locals are coordinating to get everyone back on their feet, and individuals are working on the fine points of helping those we know and care about. The business peep are helping those who've lost their livelihoods and stores.

With all that's going on and in prep for Strider's visit, I'm busy but not stressed. Funny how when your heart is full for what you're doing it's not stressful at all. Last night I kept going til I could barely move- quite literally. Never before have I wondered if I could make it to the bedroom. But I did, and was fast asleep in moments. Today is about planning for how best to help the spirits of my friends. Everyone needs the basics to stay alive, but people also need the particulars that make them who they are.

There are still some folks I haven't gotten back to, but they know I'm okay and was moved. So that's on today's list too. My regular aide is on vacation this week so I don't expect any help til next Tuesday and I have 33 bucks to my name until next month. Who cares? There's food in the house, my bills are (mostly) paid and I and my stuff are safe and dry. In this really scary world I'm a rich chick. All I need is legs, and I can get a pair over here with a couple of phone calls. So I got nothing to bitch about. In fact I have a lot to sing about, but I'll spare your ears. I'll be back later. Time for the second cuppa and to make phone calls, it's almost business hours.

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